Friday, May 30, 2008

New program, New comic, New day


Hello the reson there isn't a complete comic is because I'm facing the same and new problems that I faced years ago. The old one is if I open a Paint file more then 2-3 times then the colors fade and that includes the white around it. The new problem is the text boxes. I thought I had the problem fixed but now the shade of white I use for the text box background dissapears when I put it behind the comic background. Sooo I'm going to look for a new program (similair to paint) that won't give me the same problems.


Since theres no complete comic I'm going to take this post to thank all the people that gave me the idea and gave me the sprites! First I want to thank the Pokemon X comic for giving me the idea of Mystery Adventures. Next I'm going to thank The Sprite resourse and the people that made the sprites for The sprite resourse for providing real good pokemon mystery dungeon spites. Keep up the good work!


Here is what I got done in Paint and a preview of the third sprite comic. Oh and this one actually has something funny in it.

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